I’m a postgraduate, with a background in politics, history, philosophy, and science, originally from London, but currently based in the Netherlands.

I’ve long been interested in (generally pub-based) discussions of all things news-related, but since I’ve been active on Twitter, this has broadened the range of people engaged with.  However, the 140 char limit has felt rather constraining of late, so I’m hoping to expand upon various matters.

Aside from my degrees, I claim no professional qualification to talk on any subject, so anything written here is simply the view of an interested layperson.  In addition, I’m white/cis/male from a middle-class background, so I shall try to avoid blundering into areas too far outside my own experience.  That said, I want to talk about politics, so it’s going to happen at some point; I just don’t want to misrepresent myself.


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