Fancy dress

I’ve been invited to another party which expects fancy dress.  It’s in my flat, with my flatmates, so I shall be going and I’m sure it’ll be fun, but it’s such a pain trying to sort out a costume, and I don’t enjoy it.  I just want to get drunk, eat some snacks, chat about shit and maybe, if the stars are right, hook up with someone.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly happy for other people to do it if they want, but I’m sure I’m not the only person who gets annoyed.  And for what?  If I make an effort, I might get a few people congratulating me on it in the opening minutes.  But then it’ll soon become an irrelevance.  I’ve never come across a party that was actually more *fun* because everyone attired themselves as a character or celebrity.  At least not since I was five.

I think the trouble is that there are some people who do actually enjoy it, and they don’t see this.  ‘Oh, just put on some old clothes from the back of your wardrobe and come as the 70s or something’ they say, unaware of the fact that I don’t have any clothes I don’t really wear.  If your the sort of person who loves this shit, I’m sure you keep old clothes and bits and pieces that you can put together.  My wardrobe consists of lots of t-shirts, some shirts, and a few pairs of jeans.  Which I am fine with.  So dressing up either involves hunting round charity shops, which I hate as much as I do shopping of any variety – an ideal trip for clothes involves going into the first place I can find, trying something on, and buying if it fits.  Or finding an actual costume, from a party shop or hire place.  And these are invariably either shit, or totally impractical.  Like those with a cool rubber mask that renders one incapable of drinking.  Or is so hot that it has to be removed within a few minutes of arrival.

Anyway, that’s enough moaning for now. I’m sure the party will be fun, I just wish I didn’t feel that I have to fuck around beforehand in order to not look miserable.  Cos I’m not.


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